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This is the extensive hidden property damage a Blue Eagle inspection revealed. Soft tissue injuries resulting from otherwise minor accidents are difficult to prove. Often by the time the case gets to the attorney’s, the vehicle has been repaired, and the photographs reveal little damage. The claims adjuster, most often the only person to have inspected the vehicle, creating a conflict of interest. The insurance companies also bring in engineers, who often have no real-world experience and have not inspected the vehicle prior to testifying about the accident. The typical response will be that lacking the “Proper Property Damage,” the striking speed could not have exceeded x miles per hour and, since the speed of the bullet vehicle was found to be so low, virtually no energy was transferred to the occupant(s) of the target vehicle. This is a hole in the system. The involvement of high-priced experts in every injury claim is not only expensive but often cost-prohibitive in this type of litigation and recovery limits.

For a comparatively minor cost, an independent vehicle inspection can help identify the mechanism of injuries and undocumented repairs or unnoticed property damage. Inspections come with supporting documentation and photographs that could possibly provide the leverage and ammunition to discredit expert testimony, enhance recovery and in the case of Defense can provide an accurate detailed inspection and testimony of actual damage to the vehicle. John T. Martin is a pioneer in this area of expertise and specializing in M-I-S-T- cases and hidden property damage supporting both Plaintiff and Defense.

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